Ryman Healthcare x EdApp Case Study

A Healthcare Case Study

Discover how Ryman Healthcare moved from paper to smartphone-accessible training in less than a month and delivered unparalleled care to their residents.



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How mobile training improves knowledge retention and compliance

Leading retirement living provider Ryman Healthcare shares how mobile-friendly training that the Ryman team can complete on any device at their convenience increased knowledge retention by 90 percent.

As training is bite-sized and accessible throughout the day, Ryman Healthcare has achieved a 100 percent increase in participation from their learners – all while improving resident safety and compliance. Read on to learn why EdApp is the preferred mobile training platform for retirement care professionals.

How mobile training gave Ryman Healthcare record-breaking completion rates

As team members are working with residents all day, Ryman Healthcare needed a convenient training platform that they can access whenever they've 5 minutes to spare. With over 5,000 team members across Australia and New Zealand, Ryman Healthcare chose EdApp to centralize their training and compliance, and provide an unparalleled, innovative experience for their residents.

Here’s how Ryman Healthcare not only rolled out their new training in less than a month but also increased training participation by 100 percent and knowledge retention by 92 percent with EdApp.

Ryman Healthcare Courses in EdApp | Case Study

1. Create, edit and deploy training in minutes

With EdApp’s simple course creation tool, Ryman Healthcare creates highly relevant and branded courses about core care practices – such as medication, sanitation, safety regulations, and food service – in record time. Admins can also respond to change with real-time edits so their training moves as fast as they do. This means that Ryman Healthcare can deliver important updates instantaneously to maintain its highly transparent and supportive work environment.

We quickly created and deployed training in less than 4 weeks. Our pilot was a success and exceeded our expectations. From the content creation to delivering the training to all of our team members, the whole experience was incredibly seamless.

- Libby Doran, Operations Education Leader at Ryman Healthcare

2. Training that members can easily complete in between tasks

Ryman team members are caring for residents most of their shift. They're needed constantly and don't have time to sit through hours of training. Being able to access EdApp's bite-sized courses on any device means they can complete training when it’s convenient for them. 55 percent of team members chose to complete courses on their smartphone, and a further 32 percent completed training on a work desktop computer. Ryman Healthcare has achieved a 100 percent increase in participation from their learners since choosing to deliver their trainings through EdApp

3. Reinforce key information with our in-built quiz maker

Giving residents the best experience is at the forefront of everything Ryman Healthcare stands for. Part of achieving this is making sure that their team members have a solid understanding of policies and key information regarding residents. Ryman can easily monitor and reinforce key information with EdApp's built in quiz maker, Rapid Refresh

Since Ryman Healthcare members are caring for residents throughout the day, a one-time training session isn’t enough to ensure the high quality of care in their mission. As Rapid Refresh quizzes are regularly delivered to team member’s devices, knowledge retention has significantly increased up to 90 percent – a huge jump from traditional learning that sees retention rates of about 15 percent.

Ryman Healthcare courses in EdApp

4. Track course progress and ensure compliance by default

Unlike traditional paper-based learning, EdApp’s comprehensive reporting suite enables Ryman Healthcare to monitor course progress and maximize completion rates with custom push notifications to remind their team to complete their training. As reports can be organized into groups, each Ryman Village can easily pull their location’s data directly from EdApp and integrate it into their existing PowerBI report for seamless compliance.

5. Learners prefer EdApp over other mobile learning platforms and paper-based training

Ryman Healthcare tested EdApp against another well-known, health-focused learning management system (LMS) and found that EdApp offered a cleaner UX for learners and enabled a branded learning experience. As EdApp is a mobile-first platform, learners can interact with courses like they would with any other app. With interactive and intuitive courses, Ryman Healthcare team members can easily flick and swipe through training content anytime, anywhere.

Here’s what Ryman Healthcare employees had to say:

I found it really convenient having it at the touch of the fingertips, as I'm always really busy and never have enough time in the day to complete everything.

Simply faster this way. I have time to think while doing this when it suits me.

The app is simple, fast, and intuitive!

It showed me what I didn’t know and highlighted what I need to know.

- Survey responses from team members at Ryman Healthcare

Now Ryman Healthcare can easily reach and upskill its team members in a way that’s convenient for them

After launching their pilot program and conducting a company-wide survey, Ryman Healthcare saw a 100 percent increase in training participation with 41 retirement village teams participating in this year’s survey compared to only 20 last year. With training accessible anytime on any device, Ryman Healthcare team members can easily complete courses whenever and wherever. So training becomes part of their day rather than an infrequent event. This led to 93 percent of teams learning something new through EdApp – all while caring and providing the best experience for their residents.