Retail LMS

Retail training has its challenges. EdApp makes it easier with microlearning and mobile.

Mobile-first, microlearning retail LMS

Get it done daily on mobile.

Your learners receive their learning via push notification, directly onto their devices. They can complete it in minutes, and with our built-in reward mechanism, there is a great chance they have completed their microlearning before they even arrive at work.

Your bite-sized, custom lessons are released daily (or at any custom high frequency). Your learning will be top of mind in-store, whether that be your sales scripts, new product information or other retail competencies.

Our elearning awards

With EdApp, key content can be delivered in real-time. Having a platform that's mobile-first, agile and easy to deploy means that our teams have the tools to perform at their best, plus learning at their own pace and convenience.

Ben Nuttall, Global Marketing Manager, Dunhill

Learn how global retail luxury brand, Dunhill, continuously trains teams from the UK to China with EdApp.

Rapid authoring

Author your retail training in days, not weeks or months.

The approach is simple. We provide an entire library of interactive and engaging templates. Just add your content and deploy to start engaging your retail staff.

Best of all, no developers are necessary. Focus on your content and watch your lessons come together in record time, allowing you to get your training deployed faster and keep pace with the demands of product release cycles and promotions.

Of course you can also upload SCORM content, so you don't need to recreate your existing back catalogue. If your content isn’t mobile optimised, let us know. We can probably help.

Retail Learning is easy with EdApp's LMS

Retail LMS & Mobile Training App

EdApp knows retail training. Seamlessly create, personalise, and deploy vital retail training modules to learners within minutes. Include essential content such as onboarding, branding, product knowledge, sales tips, and more. As leading experts in the learning space, EdApp provides a collection of templates to choose from, designed to give your retail employees the necessary resources for ongoing success.

Ease of deployment

EdApp is available on the App Store or Google Play, so user access is a snap. Your learners simply need to download EdApp to their device to have your content at their fingertips. Gone are the days when staff have to disappear off the shop floor for long training sessions on a desktop.

Need it to integrate? No problem. With our suite of API's we can integrate with most learning solutions - SumTotal, SABA, Cornerstone, Success Factors, or have EdApp stand alone with full user group capability, world class analytics and typical LMS features.

Unprecedented motivation

EdApp Retail Training Solution has motivation built in with real rewards.

Your learners earn “stars” according to criteria set by you, like recognition of completion or performance. They can then use these stars for a chance to earn real rewards according to your budget. You simply upload digital prizing using vouchers you purchase from stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Netflix or even Starbucks! In fact, there are not many digital vouchers we can't handle!

Best of all, once a learner wins, the code is automatically sent by email. You don't have to lift a finger for fulfilment. And because the rewards are instant, it really appeals to learners and further drives daily usage.

Gamification is built-in our retail training solution

High engagement

Clients like luxury jewellery brand Pandora enjoy completion rates of over 80% driven by EdApp's highly engaging approach.

EdApp employs active learning, which means it's not a case of mindlessly thumbing through learning content. Our templates are designed to actively engage the learner with unprecedented interactivity.

With gamification built-in, learners will be trying to better their scores and improve their performance.

Train external partners with the best retail training app

Given the simplicity of deployment, EdApp is ideal for external partners. If you would like to train retail employees outside of your organization, educate wholesalers or other customer facing staff, EdApp is the ideal solution.

Once they download the free retail training app, they are good to go! And given the built in rewards, your engagement and completion rates will be like nothing you have seen before.

Deploy easily micro learning courses with our retail training solution

Peer learning with EdApp LMS For Retail

We know in retail some of the best subject matter experts are in the store or outside of the central organization.

We have the ability for these experts to add to the conversation directly from their device. In a matter of minutes they can record videos, share images, and add comments directly within the course.

EdApp is the best LMS for retail. It's free for you and your team. No credit card required.

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