Rapid Development of Training Programs

Rapid Content Development of Training Programs

For any business to survive in today’s rapidly evolving world, they need to be able to adapt to constant changes. This adds difficulty for internal corporate training. Traditional online training and development content takes a long time to create, and once completed, it rapidly becomes less and less relevant as new developments influence industries. Instructional design professionals feel pressured to constantly create new, relevant, modern material to respond to business needs. With Ed Learning Management System, they can do this. Our template-based rapid authoring tool enables rapid creation of content, allowing designers to quickly respond to any situation. You can check out its features here.

Instead of wasting valuable time programming new e-learning experiences from scratch, Ed App’s designers have created many different lesson templates. Lessons are made quickly, can easily be edited, and do not require extensive technical knowledge to make. Let’s go through some of the ways you can use Ed’s rapid authoring tool to get the edge in your business.

1. Rapid Development of Training Programs matches the flexibility of today’s sales trends

Today, the deals offered on products or services are decided in a much more ad hoc way; companies look at analytics and trends to identify the optimal way to promote their products. While this information is both accurate and readily available, it’s constantly changing, meaning that for those companies using traditional elearning, it’s not possible to create content in advance for these sales.

Rapid Content Development - Sales Training Program

Using rapid authoring for elearning development, you can create lessons quickly including all of the up-to-date, relevant information. This means that your staff will have a full understanding of all discounts and deals. EdApp’s fast turnaround potential gives you the opportunity to provide your employees with effective training and capitalise on the deals available.

2. Rapid deployment of successful sales strategies to the wider employment audience

Everyday in sales-based companies, thousands of sales conversations play out. Hundreds of different sales pitches are trialed in hundreds of different situations. Employees learn what works in certain situations, and what doesn’t.

By using learning management systems like EdApp, you can take this information and quickly convert it into lessons that can be distributed to all your staff. By having access to lessons in the mobile learning app, learners can also quickly retrieve them when needed. This access to up-to-date information on the most successful sales strategies means that your staff will always have the highest chance of closing.

Rapid Content Development - Editable Course Library

3. Rapid Development of Training Programs to fill the gaps in courseware

The beauty of elearning material is that it can be accessed en-masse once made, giving you an easy way to train all your employees without investing in physical instructors. However, modifying and adding content to courses once they have been created is difficult, because it’s hard-coded to work in a certain way.

Adjustments often require complete overhauls of lessons, which is not financially viable. This means that most of the time, once traditional elearning content becomes outdated, it is going to stay that way, and learners will be trained on old or inaccurate information. However, with Ed’s rapid SCORM authoring tool, you can easily make quick edits and additions to your content and other training materials, meaning no more wasted time and money on updates. You can send out a course to employees, safe in the knowledge that it can be improved and iterated on later.

4. Rapid Development of Training Programs to Target specific gaps in team members’ skills

In the past, since creation of elearning content was so costly and time consuming, it needed to be generic to reach all types of users–new and old, to minimise the amount of content which was needed to be made. Materials would cover all levels, so you’d have more experienced staff reviewing the same information as beginners.

Since Ed LMS is fast, you can create different types of lessons depending on your staff groups. From newcomers who need to learn the material from the ground up, to more seasoned learners, this tool can help you tailor lessons based on all of your employee’s needs. Lessons on specific skills can be made and distributed directly to the employees who actually need to learn that skill, increasing your ability to develop your learners.

5. Update old content easily

As products age, it’s natural that new information needs to be provided to effectively promote them. For example, selling an iPhone X today will be easy, but in a couple of years when it needs to compete against the iPhones XI, XII and XIV different strategies will need to be used.

As we have mentioned, in legacy e-learning updating content to stay relevant with the current times was difficult. Ed LMS removes these hardships by providing a fast and simple way to go in and update information.

How to develop a training program with EdApp

In the world of technology, new products are constantly being released. There’s always a new smartphone competing with another or even its previous model. To keep up with the constant stream of new technology releases and information, you need tools that will keep up the pace.

By using Ed LMS, you can keep your business relevant and employees up to date.

Rapid Content Develoment with EdApp Authoring Tool

This tool will help not only help you create content specific to your staff’s needs, but it can also help you learn better strategies to maintain relevance. Ed’s rapid authoring tool allows for ongoing changes and creations in lesson plans that are both simple to use and fast. Help your business succeed by using Ed’s rapid authoring tool to get the edge you need. It also includes microlearning and gamification templates to make learning and development more fun and convenient.

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