Mars and EdApp

EdApp & Mars

An FMCG Case Study

This is how global leader Mars trains thousands of learners across the globe.


Will my audiences accept mobile-based microlearning?

Despite initial hesitation of introducing a new type of training, Mars has experienced unparalleled results and feedback from their learners, making EdApp the ideal training platform.

Regardless of age bracket, timezone, or location, mobile-first learning has been a game-changer for Mars.


Why EdApp sets the Mars standard

With the help of EdApp’s built-in cloud-based translation tool, Mars translates courseware with the click of a few buttons to over 15 different languages in a matter of minutes.

EdApp’s features like these have never been seen in the eLearning industry until now. This kind of adaptability and efficiency is key for leading FMCGs like Mars.


How even a $5 coffee can make a difference

Mars loves EdApp’s built-in features like gamification and real prizing to boost participation, retention rates, and ultimately better learning outcomes.

Low priced gift cards have really given the global leader unparalleled results, proving that even small incentives drive real results.

Why EdApp is Mars’ preferred method to train a globally dispersed workforce

With a presence in 80 countries around the world, Mars opts for EdApp to train their globally dispersed

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