Microlearning Content templates are perfect for transferring knowledge and introducing new content to your learners for the first time.

Word construction concept

This versatile template challenges learners to spell key words surrounding the lesson. Challenge learners to reproduce key words they have just learned, or reinforce the spelling of challenging words.

Sentence construction

This template can be used to reinforce key messages. It asks learners to reorder words of a sentence, drawing on their memory of key phrases. This template is useful for reinforcing key sales dialogue, or helping learners recall slogans or catch phrases.

Missing word concept

This easily adaptable template can be used to create effective reinforcement of complicated concepts. Learners must drag words into their correct positions and order. Distractors can also be added to increase difficulty and create deeper understanding.

Strike out

This template lets authors challenge their learners to identify incorrect words or phrases in sentences. Learners are able to simply “strike out” the incorrect words using their finger or mouse, making way for the correct phrase or word to be reinforced.

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