Multiple choice questions

Reinforce key concepts by having learners identify the correct answer from a pool of options.


Swipe through multiple choice options to select the best one. A great way to allow learners to focus on only one answer at a time, especially when options are quite verbose. This template also takes advantage of the familiar “swiping” interactions of touchscreen devices.


This versatile multiple choice template asks a learner to drag a statement to one of two categories. This template can be used to ask true or false questions, to reinforce different categories of product, or to ask if something is good or bad


The Chat template is one of the most useful templates for enterprise content. It mimics real life conversation using speech bubbles, and asks learners to pick the most appropriate response for the given situation. This highly engaging multiple choice template can be used to contextualise training in our retail LMS or to simulate workplace conversations.

Circle the answer

This unique template is yet another way you can differentiate your content through the Ed platform. Learners are asked to circle the answer to a given question, using their touchscreen devices or mouse to interact.

Multiple choice image

This versatile template asks learners to select from the best of up to 4 images. Images will reformat themselves to adapt to any given screen size, and reinforcements are given to improve retention of the correct answer.


In this template, learners must select all of the correct answers from multiple question categories. This template is one of Ed’s most versatile, giving authors the power to reinforce a lot of content in a simple, visualised manner.

Multiple choice

This simple Multiple Choice template allows for verbose answers, multiple correct answers, customisation of takeaway reinforcements and polished animations. By far the most commonly used reinforcement, this template is a powerful way to deliver active reinforcement to learners.

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