Reinforce the connections between related concepts with relationship templates.


This template asks learners to identify the correct relationships between the left of the screen and the right of the screen. This template is a highly versatile one, in which learners can be asked to match correct products, finish sentences, categorise phrases, and more!

Drag to match

Expanding the functionality of the connect template, this reinforcement asks learners to match either images or text on one side of the screen to the other. One of this template’s most common uses is matching each product in a new range to its name or price.

Image pairs

This template shows learners up to four pairs of images, from which they must select the correct image in the pair. Ask learners a question about which products are limited edition, or reinforce products that belong to a certain category or line.


This template asks learners to place words in the correct order. Use this to reinforce a timeline, the results of a survey, the best selling products, and more. Similar to the “Select in order” template, this template asks learners to identify the correct order of text-based options.

Select in order

This template asks learners to select images in their correct order. Reinforce your top selling products, or most effective sales techniques, and have the ability to give learners actual images to press.

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