Deliver rapid-fire questions about any subject to reinforce concepts for learners.

Find-a-word game

The find-a-word game allows authors to reinforce key words from a lesson. Using a familiar style, the find-a-word asks learners to recall key words from a lesson and find them in a grid. Use it to summarise key chunks of information or give keywords for customer-facing conversations.

The elevator game

The Elevator Game template challenges learners to select the matching attribute for an image. Learners score more points the closer an image is to its matching attribute when touched, making this a fun and engaging interactive template for learners.

Image/word match game

The Image/Word match game asks learners to select the word from the bottom of the screen which matches either an image or word displayed at the top of the screen. The template can be used to reinforce key concepts, features or benefits, or to match an image of a product with its name or price.


Similar to the popular game show of the same name, learners can select from a grid of varying categories and difficulties, and earn points by answering true or false questions. This engaging and entertaining jeopardy game is easily configurable, and is a great way to wrap up they key information points in a course.

Letter jumble

Reinforce the names of key products or concepts with the Letter Jumble template. This template asks learners to drag the missing letters of key words in your lesson in a race against the clock! Learners earn more points and stars with faster responses, leading them to play again and again.


The Memory Game template requires learners to find matching tiles among a shuffled set. This timed reinforcement is an engaging way to reinforce the labels of images. Learners will be tempted to retry the game until they earn all stars, and serves as an effective way of gamifying a list of images and labels.

Next in order

This game tests learners’ conceptualisation of a process flow. A great way to reinforce the important steps in a procedure, this timed activity is a good way to finish up a lesson about a procedure. Learners must place the correct steps in order before the clock runs out, and can try again if they don’t successfully earn all points.

True or false

This intuitive and engaging game template asks learners to swipe true statements to one side, and false ones to another. Faster responses are rewarded with more points, with the goal to earn as many points as possible before time runs out. Authoring this game is one of the most simple and rapid, with only one sentence for each element being required from authors.

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