10 Soft skills training courses

10 Soft skills training courses

In 2018, LinkedIn completed a study within 100 metropolitan cities throughout the United States. The results found that over 1 million people lacked communication skills or soft skills. Paired with other elements including time management, and empathy help job candidates stand out from others in the workplace. In fact, it has been reported that 75% of long-term job success is linked to mastery of soft skills.

To help empower your teams with the soft skills they need to be successful, there is a collection of free, editable courses for you to edit, brand and deploy with EdApp’s course library.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are abilities that consist of your attitude, personality traits, and behaviors. These skills influence how you perform a role and interact with other people, especially in the workplace. Simply relying on technical skills alone is not enough in succeeding at work. Without soft skills, you’ll fail to efficiently adapt to the various factors and circumstances that influence your job and the business. Having strong soft skills allow you to manage your responsibilities efficiently, develop meaningful relationships with colleagues and customers, and deal with problems and difficult situations more effectively. Developing soft skills to support your technical skills will empower you for long-term success. Read on to discover the 10 soft skills training courses we’ve curated for you.

1. Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Course. Are you looking for a course that will help workers understand each other better? Through this course, your employees will find that embracing our differences leads to greater collaboration and more togetherness. This specific soft skills training is a fantastic way to have conversations about topics that are not always easy. Best of all, it is editable, so it can be revised to fit your unique work demographics.

Soft skills training course #1 - Diversity and Inclusion

2. The Future of Work

The Future of Work course empowers your teams with the different trends of work, that can be applied by leaders or anyone looking to kickstart their own business. This editable course provides cutting-edge work practices to take employees to the next level when it comes to communication, a soft skill that can be the difference between success and failure in relation to teamwork.

Soft Skills Training Course - The Future of Work

3. Maintaining Culture

Maintaining Culture course collection is designed to empower and educate your teams around leadership and consistency. Being a leader is about so much more than telling other people what to do. It is an invaluable soft skill that requires consistent communication and understanding of the employees you interact with on a daily basis. This course gives you the tools to communicate, which drives positive strengths fo you and your teams. This course is editable and free, which can be accessed from EdApp’s course library, which can be edited and delivered to your teams within minutes.

Soft Skills Training - Maintaining Culture

4. How to Demonstrate a ‘Can Do’ Attitude

How to Demonstrate a ‘Can Do’ Attitude course is a key component of being a productive employee.  To better understand this soft skill, this course will help your employees learn about the power of positive thinking. Through looking at examples and working through simulations, this editable course helps give you and your teams the tools they need to tackle problems and achieve greatness in whatever they decide.

Free Soft Skills Training Module - How to Demonstrate a ‘Can Do’ Attitude 

5. Problem Solver

As an HR or L&D professional, you want to give your employees the knowledge they need to be problem solvers. Problem-solving is a life skill that directly correlates with the area of soft skills. Arm your employees with one of the most valuable interpersonal skills by tackling difficult situations and reaching a positive outcome. Regardless of whether you use the Problem Solver course in its current format or tweak it, it will be sure to help everyone get along better.

Soft Skill Training Course - Problem Solver

6. Improving Your Active Listening Skills

Improving Your Active Listening Skills course is suitable for all teams regardless of industry. Being able to listen effectively is one of the most important soft skills.  Help employees learn tips from transitioning from a talking to a listening position. This underrated skill is vital to a productive workspace. Complete with strategies to promote active listening, this course is sure to improve communication skills!

Soft Skill Training - Improving Your Active Listening Skills

7. How to be a Team Player

Regardless of the industry you fall under, How to be a Team Player course helps to empower your teams – large and small. This course template is available as a starting point for helping employees work together during their day to day interactions. With specific examples that trainees can relate to, this course will be a great step towards improving co-worker interactions.  

Soft Skill Course - How to be a Team Player

8. Understanding Your Team’s Perspective

Sometimes selfishness prevents us from seeing why other people may need our help. This Understanding Your Team’s Perspective course highlights the perspective of someone needing assistance. By looking at teamwork from that angle, employees will think twice about saying no to their colleague when they get asked to help with something.

Soft Skills Course - Understanding Your Team’s Perspective

9. Be the Innovator in Your Company

Be the Innovator in your Company course helps to identify and tackle one of the most important soft skills. An innovator is someone who introduces new ideas, concepts, or products.  If you are looking for a way to help employees take off with their careers, this course is sure to generate a lot of buzz. With clear examples, employees will walk away from the course with an innovator’s mindset.

Skills Training - Be the Innovator in Your Company

10. Ethics and Code of Conduct

Lastly, EdApp’s Ethics and Code of Conduct course collection includes 4 lessons to help drive a better work environment. This free, editable course rejects a toxic culture and empowers you and your teams with tools like outlining a company’s values, principles, and how to behave towards one another.

Soft Skills Training Program - Ethics and Code of Conduct

Ready to get started? Discover these 10 courses, and 600+ others in EdApp’s editable course library, where world-class content is added every day.

11. Excellent Customer Service through Communication

Also available on EdApp, Excellent Customer Service Through Communication can be used as a follow-through course on Speaking with Confidence Course. It helps your learners develop essential communication skills by learning proper enunciation, understanding active listening, and building speaking confidence. Although this course is specifically designed for the customer service sector, the insights on improving communication skills are relevant to better public speaking. This course is free and completely editable so you can tailor it to your company-specific best practices before deploying it to your teams!

12. How to Create, Spot, and Take Opportunities

The How to Create, Spot, and Take Opportunities course is another business training course by EdApp which reinforces key concepts in understanding and seizing opportunities as a leader. The lessons include tactics to shake up the complacency of success, including the movement of managers and the introduction of consultants. By taking this short course, your learners will improve their attitude and approach when presented with opportunities. 

13.Getting your Voice Heard

Getting your Voice Heard course is created by The Spark which is available for free in EdApp’s course library. Being assertive is a vital aspect of communication, so this course is designed to demonstrate a better approach to expressing themselves. In this public speaking training course, your employees will learn how to communicate assertively while still respecting the beliefs and values of their audience. It also includes lessons on the different response styles and frameworks for practicing assertiveness in communication. By understanding the importance of assertiveness in public speaking, your employees will carry out presentations, lead meetings, or pitch proposals more effectively. This can lead to extended or new business opportunities for your company.

14. Speaking with Confidence

The Speaking with Confidence course is available for free in EdApp’s editable course library. An aspect of confidence is being a good conversationalist, which is a crucial skill in many professions. With that, EdApp designed this course to help your employees gain a level of confidence when speaking by providing tips and techniques in holding better conversations. 

15. Effective Communication

The Effective Communication course offered by EdApp recognizes the importance of improving communication skills when speaking to an audience – personally or virtually. This public speaking training course goes over topics, such as revamping communication skills, speaking publicly and effectively, and connecting virtually while still maintaining a personal connection. Through this public speaking training course, your employees will turn into  better communicators who drive action among an audience, whether in person or online setting. 

16. Customer Service: Handling Complaints

Customer Service: Handling Complaints course published by Università di Firenze is offered for free by EdApp in its course library. This 3-part course covers techniques to address customer complaints and negative reviews, and ways to resolve them appropriately. Knowing how to address these issues plays an important role in strengthening customer relationships as it turns complaints and negative feedback into a positive customer experience. This course can be immediately deployed to your team or customized according to your organization’s specific best practices. 

17. Dealing with Difficult Customers

Problem-solving is a crucial skill in any industry, especially in customer service as this involves addressing customer’s needs and guiding them with a relevant solution. However, this can be a challenge as customers come from all walks of life with different attitudes and personalities. Dealing with difficult customers is offered by EdApp – specifically for food and beverage services – covers the types of difficult customers and best practices in meeting their needs and solving their problems. EdApp is a mobile-first LMS making this course easily accessible for your employees anytime and anywhere!

18. Performance Management

EdApp’s Performance Management course is a leadership development program that focuses on establishing role clarity, addressing feedback, and managing underperforming employees. This course begins by explaining role clarity, wherein the responsibilities and tasks that come with the job are identified to spot performance gaps. It also discusses how to give, receive, and process feedback effectively through radical candor. Lastly, it provides techniques in objectively communicating underperformance, which should be done right away when detected.

Delivered through EdApp’s mobile learning solution, learners have the flexibility to access training lessons on any mobile device, anytime and anywhere. 

19. Youth Entrepreneurship: Leadership Skills

The Leadership Skills course, which is part of the Youth Entrepreneurship series created by UNITAR in EdApp, is a leadership development program that covers the most essential leadership skills in entrepreneurship. It includes lessons on communication. leadership, and efficiency. By developing these skills among your employees, you’re able to support them in making a significant impact on your business. By the end of this course, there’s a summary and quiz available to reinforce key learnings from the entire Youth Entrepreneurship series.

20. Creating a Positive Customer Experience

Creating a Positive Customer Experience is a customer service course for your employees in the retail industry to help them develop and improve their skills, as well as retain and increase their customer base by creating a positive customer experience. This 4-part course focuses on teaching your employees how to keep customers happy by emphasizing topics on the customer service’s role on the customer’s overall brand experience, as well as ways to effectively interact with customers. EdApp’s microlearning feature makes this course convenient and engaging for your team and only a couple of minutes are needed to complete the course.