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Take a look below at some of our clients, who are using EdApp to take their training to the next level. EdApp delivers simpler, smarter workplace learning to staff, who have reported high engagement and retention rates. Our results speak for themselves.

EdApp works extremely well for our authors and trainers. It has capabilities that we’ve never seen.
Jennifer Siu, Manager

Mobile-first microlearning works perfectly for Dunhill as engaging and interactive lessons can be easily deployed to hundreds of our retail team members in real-time.
Ben Nuttall, Global Marketing Manager, Dunhill

You can use microlearning with your mobile phone and people are always on the go. There’s a psychological effect as well; if people want to learn a course in front of a PC or in front of a classroom to learn something in a dedicated time, they’ll feel pressured. But if it’s a short burst of content in five minutes when you’re on a bus or on a break, that kind of flexibility is really giving people a reason to use the app.

Avis Lau, Global Marketing Excellence Manager

Having the capability to reach our diverse global audience is paramount, and EdApp facilitates this in a practical sense.
Nigel Gan, Training Specialist and Portfolio Manager, UNITAR

We enjoyed completion rates of over 80%, and 90% of learners prefer EdApp to the existing elearning system.
Andres Cordoba Mazabel, Pandora

EdApp allows for a more modern learning approach where our learners and our team members can access the materials anytime, anywhere.
Aga Strzemeska, Head of People Operations, Marley Spoon

EdApp is clearly a pioneer in imagining a mobile LMS. While its end-users are typically corporations, the platform and its APIs turned out to be so flexible that we, as a corporate training provider, were able to use EdApp as our primary publishing platform.
Chris McConnell, Director of Program Management & Operations, Excedo

With the help of EdApp, we’ve quickly and easily created bespoke, interactive lessons that staff love taking. Staff have enjoyed EdApp’s microlessons and have experienced better learning results, where learners have reported that they actually understand and retain the material and like to revisit courses over and over.
Sally James, Marketing Manager, Mizuno

In no time at all, we put together a program for our staff and they were able to complete their [EdApp] courses. That was a great process and we got training out there very, very quickly.
Martin Olds, Chief Information Officer, Blooms The Chemist

EdApp’s authoring tool and cloud translation feature was such a game-changer for Mars. They were able to author all the courses in English very quickly, and then translate those into 15 different languages. This ability to rapidly author and translate with efficiency and ease is something that hasn’t really been seen in the eLearning industry before, and it’s something that global FMCG company like Mars really benefits from.

During this uncertain period [COVID-19], the EdApp platform has supported Campari to maintain and even grow its world-class education through invaluable storytelling, product knowledge, and soft skills. I was able to easily pick up the platform to author courseware and get it out to our Camparistas in a matter of days. Having mobile-accessible content allows for Campari Academy Online’s success to continue, despite the obvious challenges that COVID-19 has brought on. Beyond that, the EdApp partnership has given Campari the opportunity to help build up the hospitality industry during this taxing time

Phillip Versteegen, Commercial Capabilities Manager - Asia, Campari

EdApp’s mobile-first platform is just what our workforce needs. Having the ability to easily onboard and train our global staff from a sleek and comprehensive design is particularly impressive.

As the holiday season approaches, MV was looking to effectively educate new starters, introduce our current retail staff to the MV brand and policies, product features, and pricing. The EdApp platform allows us to successfully achieve all of this.

Ana Shelton-Agar, General Manager EMEA, Monica Vinader

One of my team could take a day, with travel delivering induction. With microlearning we could knock it down to an hour and one of the best things that I came across was the ability to upload a PowerPoint.

Andrew Gabb, HSE Manager, BP Chargemaster

In a digital world, you have to keep pace with the way your employees consume information.

EdApp provides a unique and highly effective approach to engaging employees in retail training to build skills, embed knowledge and drive understanding.

Jason Mahoney, Managing Director Kantar Retail Australia & New Zealand

I had 100% positive feedback...they [learners] are a tough crowd too - and this was the feedback they were giving me.

Thanks to a microlearning-powered solution, engagement rates have now soared to over 88%, several orders of magnitude above what they once were. The lessons were fun and engaging, and easy to author.

Laura Higgins, Talent and Performance Advisor Sodexo

We were planning on doing a week's worth of hardcore classroom training. With micro learning that's minimized it to a couple hours a day. It's been an absolute game changer.

Lucy Tape, Training Manager, The Snow Centre
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