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The Automotive industry is constantly shifting to keep up with the changes in technology that can be implemented with a large range of products. EdApp is the perfect platform to cater to the needs of many different learners who have a different role to play in the automotive industry. Our mobile first technology allows learners the flexibility to take advantage of micromoments when they are available. This could be factory workers on their lunch break or while sales people in the show room are grabbing a quick coffee. EdApp's microlearning principles aim to have short bursts of learning to fit into busy schedules.

One of my team could take a day, with travel, delivering an induction. With EdApp’s microlearning, we could knock it down to an hour.

- Andrew Gabb, BP Chargemaster
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EdApp is easy-to-use and free for you and your team. No credit card required.

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Technical documentation at your team’s fingertips for quick reference.

Easily segment learners so your teams only see courses relevant to them.

Mobile-first learning so automotive workers can take courses anytime, anywhere.

Additional Documentation feature built into EdApp's Automotive Learning Solution

Additional Documentation

We understand that some roles, like engineering, have many technical documents that are needed when carrying out certain tasks like fixing an engine. Our Briefcase feature gives authors the ability to upload large documents that can be accessed at any time and learner's will have it at their fingertips. These can be revisted alongside the courseware to refresh the learner on the subject at hand. Briefcase supports many types of file such as PDF, PowerPoints and videos to name a few.

User segmentation feature built into EdApp's Automotive Learning Solution

User segmentation

You will easily be able to split your learners up into groups to ensure they are only seeing courseware that is relevant to them. Warehouse Managers can be shown specific information on guidelines of how to deal with shipments and safety in the warehouse, whereas customer service staff could be shown courses on how to operate reporting systems that are implemented. You can set up a simple code that can be given out to learners in a specific group, which is used on sign up. The learner is then automatically assigned to the relevant group. No extra work for admins to assign learners once they have signed up.

User segmentation feature built into EdApp's Automotive Learning Solution
Prizing feature built into Edpp's Automotive Learning Solution


Prizing encourages engagement by allowing users to earn stars when completing lessons. These stars then get accumulated in the Star Bar to allow learners to play our mini-games and win real prizes. These provide instant gratification for learners to encourage them to continue taking their lessons to earn more stars. Create that buzz around completing courseware to make sure your employees work to the best of their ability.

Mobile learning prioritized in Edpp's Automotive Learning Solution

Mobile learning

Automotive staff are constantly on the move and it can be challenging to complete courseware when they are limited to desktop learning. EdApp is a mobile-first solution where users can take all their courseware from their phone or other mobile device. This gives automotive staff the flexibility to take their learning with them and access it when it is convenient for them. It is a more user friendly experience compared with clunky, older learning solutions.

Mobile learning prioritized in Edpp's Automotive Learning Solution