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From the author:Health and safety within the workplace is vital but especially if you are using machinery. This course is designed to ensure that workers follow proper protocols and procedures when handling certain types of machinery. You will learn about what protective wear you should be wearing, things to do prior to machinery and how to operate different machines. EdApp's short bite-sized course will ensure that the training is interactive and informative to enhance your learning experience.

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  1. How to use a Drill Press Safely
  2. Lathe Safety

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What you will learn

  • How to use a Lathe Safely
  • How to use a Drill Press safely

Safe Use of Machinery course excerpts

How to use a Drill Press Safely

Learn how to operate and use a Drill Press safely
Safe Use of Machinery Course - Lesson Excerpt

Drill Press Safety

How to use a Drill Press Safely

Every year approximately 2,500 people are injured by misusing a drill press and need medical attention.

How to use a Drill Press Safely

OSHA requires employers to train their employees in proper maintenance of drill presses to avoid these trips to the hospital.

How to use a Drill Press Safely

Three Never's and an Always **Never **adjust the drill press while it's powered on. Never leave the chuck key in the press. Ever. Never try to jam the bit. Do not rush the cut, let it work naturally. Always check for any exposed wires. If there is a grounding wire, it must be grounded.

Minimize the distance from the table to the bit. This will reduce the risk of injury because the bit will be right above the work piece. When everything is ready, you can turn the drill press on.

How to use a Drill Press Safely

When you get into the piece, take it slowly. Do not try to force the bit to go faster than it goes naturally. When the bit goes through the bottom side, back the drill out of the hole.

How to use a Drill Press Safely

If the material is dense and the hole will have to be deep, back the bit out occasionally throughout the drill to clear out the waste and let the bit cool down. Remember, make sure the drill press is shut off before removing any work or material.

How to use a Drill Press Safely

Lathe Safety

Learn how to operate and use a Lathe safely
Safe Use of Machinery Course - Lesson Excerpt

Lathe Safety

Lathe Safety

In terms of industrial machines, lathes are one of the most dangerous if not used correctly. Hundreds of workplace accidents and deaths happen every year from lathe misuse.

Lathe Safety

These accidents are mainly due to a lack of training and education regarding lathes' dangers, as well as defective machinery and improper installation.

Lathe Safety

Let's Start the Lathe! Check that your work piece is tightly clamped and centered on the chuck. Adjust the cutting tool so it's just above your work piece. Remove the chuck key. Power on the lathe. Start with a low rotational setting. Gradually increase the speed as needed.

Making Cuts All lathes have different recommendations for feed, rotation speed and cut depths depending on the material. Consult your owner's manual for best practices.

Lathe Safety

No matter the lathe, you do want to keep your hands and fingers away from the cutting tools at all times.

Lathe Safety

At all times, and especially during burnishing or filing, avoid reaching across the rotating chuck or work piece.

Lathe Safety

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