10 Skills Assessment Tools

10 Free Skills Assessment Tools

One of the first steps to improve your skills is to be aware of the areas that need development. But, how do you do that? A great way to assess is to test your learners so that you can tailor their training to help them strengthen their weak points. There are online skill assessment tools that managers and HR professionals can use to quickly deliver tests to the employees, without having to stress out about it. Once their strengths and weaknesses are addressed, managers can provide support to make their employees’ jobs easier. This can improve the productivity and performance of team members, and add further value to the company. Targets will be met and your team members could even exceed what is expected from them.

We’ve gathered 10 skills assessment tools you can use to determine the skills of your employees. Scroll down to get started.

1. EdApp

EdApp is an award-winning learning management system for both personal and enterprise use. It offers user-friendly navigation and skills assessment tools, to make the delivery of training to your teams as simple and efficient as possible. The template approach simplifies the authoring of courses, making it faster to push out branded content to teams. EdApp has a library of pre-made elearning courses from instructional designers that users can add to their accounts, then readily assign training courses. With that, courses are available on a wide variety of topics and can be used as training managers can easily customize them. EdApp also prides itself on their Rapid Refresh quiz maker tool, where you can design your assessments to see where your employees stand in terms of job knowledge, skills, and compliance training. You can see the results in the analytics and from there, you can create training and other strategies to improve the standing of your employees.


Enrollees will love EdApp’s mobile-first design that allows busy employees to complete courseware and training material anytime, anywhere via their smartphones. Their microlearning approach is delivered in a highly engaging way that minimizes the process while maximizing the results. 


  • Editable course library
  • SCORM-compliant authoring tool
  • 800+ high-quality courses
  • 50+ highly customizable authoring & testing templates (no coding required)
  • Gamification quiz templates
  • In-app branding
  • Automatically-generated spaced repetition in content delivery
  • 100+ language translation with a cloud-based translation tool
  • Compatible with most devices with optimized display scaling
  • User groups access
  • Rewards and leaderboards
  • Completion certificates
  • Analytics

Cost: Free

2. Skills Base

Skills Base is a powerful intuitive skills assessment platform that helps managers gather data needed to create better workforce strategies from employee training. This platform allows you to figure out the skills and interests of your employees using a self-assessment feature. This way, both managers and employees will be aware of the strengths and areas for improvement that can help with distributing tasks and personalized learning. It is a great way to monitor the progress that can ultimately affect business outcomes.


  • Assessment notification
  • Skills assessment data dashboard
  • Custom rating criteria for skills assessments
  • CSV/PD export results

Cost: Free

3. ProProfs

Proprofs is a cloud-based centralized LMS that can be used as a skills assessment tool. There are over 100,000 readily available questions you can use when creating your online assessments. Aside from that, you can also create courses and training programs to train your employees to improve their skills. After you have built and dispersed your quizzes and courses among the workforce, you can access reports and analytics to assess your team. This online training platform reduces time in conducting employee assessment sessions which is beneficial for managers.

Skills Assessment Tool - ProProfs


  • Test types: Multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, essay
  • Customizable quiz templates
  • Quiz branding
  • Completion Certificate
  • Reports

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans

4. Google Forms

Google Forms is a free skills assessment tool that is part of the Google Suite. It is an easy-to-use platform that can be used as an online test creator software where anyone to create a survey, assessment, or quiz for employees. It offers a variety of question types such as multiple-choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, and a file upload option for images or PDF files. This program easily integrates with spreadsheets and other G Suite applications, making data collection seamless and straightforward. 

Skills Assessment Tool - Google Forms


  • Google Suite integration
  • Author tests and surveys
  • Export collected information to an auto-populate Google Sheet
  • Customization and personalization
  • Embed images and videos

Cost: Free

5. Vervoe

Vervoe is a skills assessment software that caters to any industry. The platform has thousands of skills assessment tests that are customizable if you’d like to tailor some test items. Vervoe made it possible for employees to demonstrate their skills at a scale that is useful for team leaders to develop training that can improve areas of expertise. This learning platform follows a 3-step process, otherwise known as the evaluate, automate, and predict method.  This learning management software provides an automatic grading function when employees take tests, which will then give insights into their job performance in the company. It is a helpful elearning authoring tool for employers to assess the next steps for the benefit of the workers and company goals.

Skills Assessment Tool - Vervoe


  • 1,000+ skills assessment tests
  • Customizable tests
  • In-app branding

Cost: Free trial

Skills Assessment Tool #6 -Kahoot

Kahoot! is a game-based online quiz maker that also works as a good skills assessment tool, using colorful visuals and gamification elements to boost engagement and mobile learning. Aside from the standard multiple-choice quiz type, This learning software also has a “type answer” where participants can type in their answers to explain more on a certain topic. Quizzes can be answered by a group of “players”, all at the same time which is usually used in synchronous learning where active participation of learners is highly encouraged. The self-paced asynchronous session is also available, although not often used.

Skills Assessment Tool - Kahoot


  • 50M+ public games available
  • Customizable template
  • Private rooms for assigned learners
  • Host games for 3-10 players
  • Reports

Cost: Free, paid plans

7. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a survey tool that’s great for skills assessments, as it makes creating basic surveys, quizzes, and polls quick and easy. There are hundreds of ready-to-use templates that you can use to make your own skills assessment test. It also provides some customization options and analytics for tracking and reviewing responses. For the free trial, you can only have up to 10 questions, view up to 40 survey responses, and have limited customization, unless you subscribe of their paid plans which will allow you to access their premium features.

Skills Assessment Tool - SurveyMonkey


  • Easy creation of assessments
  • Multiple quiz templates available
  • Customization tools for themes and designs
  • Export results
  • Analytics

Cost: Free, paid plans

8. Brilliant Assessment

Brilliant Assessment is a training software that enables you to give feedback reports that are personalized to every employee. Their assessments can be used in different ways, whether it’s for employee exams, content marketing, cybersecurity, company assessments, risk assessments, and more. With this skill assessment tool, you can tailor your test according to your company’s needs. The platform has an intelligent scoring algorithm that makes the results detailed and as accurate as possible. Managers are also given a full view of the questions, answers, feedback, rating, and every data they may need for their own analysis. This can be used by managers to prepare initiatives that can help their employees to do well in their job.

Skills Assessment Tool - Brilliant Assessment


  • Intelligent scoring algorithm
  • Personalized brand reports
  • Assessments, responses, and feedback reports
  • Language translation for reports

Cost: Free trial, paid plans

9. 360Learning

360Learning is a skill assessment and collaborative learning platform for institutional training. Managers can roll out engaging training efficiently to promote teamwork and cooperation amongst their team members. This is made possible through the collaboration hub which is a learning community that proves to increase learners’ attention. Through the power of social learning, the forum-style feature allows you to improve your learners’ understanding, identify knowledge gaps, and share internal knowledge. You can then take concepts that your team is finding difficult to learn and make them into gamified lessons to make learning experience enjoyable and more engaging for users. Not only that, but it is also mobile-friendly and offline mode enabled, making it a convenient option for users as they can access this learning management system and its courses anytime, anywhere. 

Skills Assessment Tool - 360Learning

360Learning has a free trial for 14 days and if you want to continue to access advanced features, there are three plans to choose from: team, business, and enterprise.


  • Authoring tools, content integrations, collaborative editing
  • Gamification
  • Collaborative hub
  • M learning

Cost: Free trial, paid plans

10. SurveyAnyplace

Survey Anyplace has an easy-to-use survey maker that managers can use to create assessments. With this, employees can make tailored assessments, which are more effective than pre-made tests, as your company setup is taken into consideration. There are also pre-made assessments available that are expertly created by the SurveyAnyplace team if you prefer that over starting from scratch. Managers can save time as they can immediately deliver it to the teams. Even more –  the best feature of Survey Anyplace is that right after the employees answer the questionnaire, they are given personalized advice along with their results. It’s an effective approach to make the employees aware of their competencies while knowing the steps they can take to target other weak areas that need improvement.

Skills Assessment Tool - SurveyAnyplace


  • Assessment making tool
  • Pre-made tests
  • Personalized results and feedback
  • Results in an e-mail of PDF format

Cost: Free trial, paid plans